Welcome to my practice

Welcome to my practice, in which I combine Jungian analysis and depth psychotherapy, homeopathy, and psychiatry in an integrated and eclectic manner.

In practice since 1989, I have extensive experience in helping you deeply explore yourself and find your most authentic path in life.  Most of my patients meet with me weekly or more frequently.   I make a space in which you can come to know your inner world as well as gaining insights into how you experience and function in relationships and in the outer world. 

Matters related to relationships of all sorts (intimate relationships, parent-child relationships, other family relationships, work relationships, your relationship with your spiritual life, your relationship with yourself), will all be part of what we can work on together.   I am experienced and interested in working with people who are transgender / gender non-conforming / questioning their gender identity and experiences.

As a Jungian analyst, homeopath, and psychiatrist, I am deeply interested in the multidimensional interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, and am mindful of these interconnections in my work with you.

In addition to working closely with individuals and couples in my own practice, in certain cases, if you are working with another psychotherapist and  need to meet with a psychiatrist and / or homeopath for consultation regarding medications, I may be available to work together with you and your psychotherapist.

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